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Modern India is growing and developing at an astounding rate. As technology advances to match that of an international standard, so too science and medicine are progressing in leaps and bounds to try to tackle the endless list of challenges and ailments of a modern world. However hand in hand with such advances comes a phenomenal growth in population (India, being the fastest growing country in the world, is predicted to overtake china by population before the middle of this century) and the difficulties and strains that come from overcrowding. As more and more generations of people move to the cities to seek work and a better life so government attention is focused on maintaining these heaving metropolises. Even though there is a migration towards urban living, Tamil Nadu still holds over half its population in rural areas (51.55% rural to 48.45% urban, source: 2011 Census of India). Although less polluted than urban, rural life gives less access to the basic needs such as health care and education often purely down to the distances needed to travel and transport issues, a common theme in such isolated areas is to find children working hard just to help feed their families and education will become secondary. Thus life becomes about surviving rather than thriving.More
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