Welcome To Joseph Rural Development Trust
JRDT seeks to step forward to help fill this void and give a helping hand in whatever way is most needed according to the circumstances. Of course help is at hand with a plethora of NGO’s, trusts and cooperatives working towards similar goals, but due to the vast scale of the issue, much more is needed yet.
  • Would seek to work with organizations of similar interest when situations dictate, seeing that there is surely more strength in working together than apart.
  • Seeks to create innovative solutions to the ever present problems and then find appropriate funding to match.
  • Seeks to spread and develop a broad network of links and connections in order to help widen ideas opportunities and increase support capabilities.
  • Intends to expand on the current Orphanage in ManampathyKandigai to give the opportunity to more under privileged children in need and additionally to open up to the possibility of catering for the disabled as well.
  • Will work to maintain regular medical camps and to expand on them where possible to areas of urgent requirement that are not already undertaken (such as physiotherapy, osteopathy or urgent general diagnosis clinics for example).
  • Will seek the best route to negotiate and assist with a resolution to problems of local discriminated against or marginalized sectors of society.
  • Will work with honesty and integrity in all areas, including transparency where money is concerned and good communications with all involved parties.
  • Will seek to treat all parties involved as equals according to individual human rights.
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