• MEDICAL CAMPS. (Optical and Dental)
    These involve initial check-ups and tests that lead on to further work or operations if so required. The camps are open to all and all costs are covered, including food for the day.
  • DISABILITY PROJECTS. These include:
Mobility Sponsorship (eg. Wheelchairs and Hand Powered Tricycles).
  • Self Sustainability (eg. Geetha’s shop in Mamallapuram or Muthu and Vijay rural outreach project, see Project Focus page).
  • In the future we aim to open our Orphanage up to the disabled, through enhancing disabled access etc.
    JRDT has undertaken the construction of toilet units, toilet blocks and sanitation units for schools, rural communities and financially deprived households over many districts of Tamil Nadu.
    Legal experts give talks and discussion on such subjects as the Anti-dowry Act, Public Welfare Schemes, the Widow Act, Children Act, Domestic Act etc. These camps are more often than not run for women only, being that historically they were often legally sidelined.
    Such as the construction of boundary walls for school playgrounds.
    Regular extra-curricular classes for local children to help build on such subjects as English in order to assist with the given subject at school and to help achieve better career options for the future.
    Volunteers to the trust have undertaken educational classes in local schools, such as English and Dance. We are open to further ideas and offers in this area.
Eye and Dental camp at Manampathy Kandigai on 26January 2012
JRDT organized a free eye and dental camp held inthe main school building in Manamapthy Kandigai village. It started at 10am and went on till almost 2pm when lunch was served to the, by then, tired volunteer doctors. The hard working medical team did check-ups for340 people from Manampathy Kandigai and the 6 surrounding villages.
The majority of the patients were of retirement age and beyond, and of this age group 34 people were booked in to undergo cataract surgery on 4th February. All patients designated for surgery would be provided with free transport from Manampathy Kandigai to the hospital in Chennai and returned safely thereafter.
160 people were diagnosed with the need for glasses, these are also provided free of charge and are to be distributed on the morning of the 8th of February at the church in Manampathy Kandigai once they have been tailor made to suit each individual’s needs.
JRDT would like to thank all workers and volunteers involved for making it possible for this day to go ahead with such success.
Most of all a big heart felt thank you is given to the sponsors A-S-B and SISTER from Germany and of course The Singhvi Charitable Trust for all their hard work, essential expertise and contributions without which the event would not be possible.